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                      Home > customer service > Questions
                      • What are the benefits of thermoforming?
                        • Thermoforming is efficient and very cost-effective for the production of many plastic parts depending on their size, shape, and quantity. Initial project costs are usually much lower, and lead times to tooling and production are generally much shorter than other processes. Modifications to design often times may be achieved. Temporary tooling offers an inexpensive short-term test for design issues and product market acceptance.
                      • 2013-4-3When and where does thermoforming fit?
                        • Almost everything is well-suited to the thermoforming process. Tooling costs are considerably less than injection molding, which may have cost-prohibitive tooling costs. Parts with features mostly confined to one side of the part are best suited to thermoforming, but features on the uncontrolled side of the part may be addressed by trimming or fabrication and assembly.
                      • 2013-4-3What are average lead times when thermoforming?
                        • Our sales and engineering team will work closely with you to understand your time constraints and do everything possible to meet or exceed your expectations.
                      • 2013-4-3Are there minimum quantities when it comes to thermoforming, twin sheet forming, vacuum forming, or pressure forming?
                        • We don’t have a set minimum. It really depends upon the requirements of the packaging design and materials used. However, keep in mind that the larger the order, the more we can save you in per-part costs.
                      • 2013-4-3Do you ship thermoformed products worldwide?
                        • Yes, we have the capability to ship worldwide. However; some countries have some packaging materials restrictions so it’s best to send us your specific shipping question(s) and packaging needs with our Quick Request Form and we will get back to you with the specifics you need.

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