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                      Home > About Us > Company Profile

                      Shenzhen Zhenrong plastic co., LTD( Dongguan Rongzhong plastic technology CO., LTD) located No. 1 LianTangJiao Industry,ShiMa Village,Tangxia Town, DongGuan City, China(moved to here from Shenzhen since Oct 15, 2014) , In vicinity of Missionhills Golf Club, Zhenrong was founded in 1998, the transportation is very convenient, about 30 minutes to Shenzhen Baoan International Airport, about 20 minutes to Shenzhen North station(train), we have beautiful environment, good review and with build-self factory building like garden, production area and living area is completely. The whole factory building area is 40,000 square meter and manage and operate as per ISO9001: 2008/TS 16949:2009 quality management system.


                      Based on the advantage of the complete manufacture chain in Pearl River Delta, Guangdong, China. We have complete supply chain with good reputation, stable quality. We are able to design, develop and make the mould ourselves, we have complete facility and could process from plastic sheet extrusion, vacuum forming, mold making to complete assembling for the whole project. We have been this industry about 20 years and now have trained a batch of professional engineers team and technicians team and provide our customers complete solution for vacuum forming project..

                      The facility:

                      1, Vacuum forming machine: 25 set  

                      the max size can be: 3000*2000*1000mm, the max thickness is 12mm.

                      2, Mould Center (CNC) machine: 8 set

                      the max size can be: 3000*2500mm.

                      3, CNC router:  27 sets( include the 5 axis CNC router 8 sets)

                      the max size can be: 2500*1300mm.

                              4,  Other facility: 50 sets

                      The organization settle up ten departments: Sales, Purchase, Production, Engineering, Quality, Jig making, Sample making, Warehouse, mould Making and Finance. Engineering, Quality, Jig and the Sample making, for the four departments, operate from mould inspection, components inspection, process control to inspection of finished goods, we have the quality control for the whole  process, guarantee the quick sample making and mass production.

                      Since 21 century, the life time for new product is shorter and update very quickly, in order to resolve the too high cost with small batch of production in mould invest, more and more industries and companies choose to the process with vacuum forming. Shenzhen Zhenrong Plastic Co., LTD accumulated 20 years experience and with our professional technical team and enough cash flow and continuous invest in the facility, we have established long term cooperation with many famous companies. The main market is North America, Western Europe, Australia, Japan and China, 80% the products are export, we have established good business relation with many overseas and domestic partner. like,  TCL, Glen Dimplex, Philips, Pepsi, coca-cola etc.

                       The products are widely used in many kinds of industries, main products: plastic vacuum forming parts for motors, machinery, furniture and elevator, airline seats,  home appliance, display and cooling container, tray etc. The material we usually use is: ABS、HIPS、PC、PP、PE、PMMA、PVC、PETG、ABS/PC、ABS/PMMA、ABS/ASA etc composite material. Finish : high glossy, glossy, matt, frosted, texture.

                      We have 200 employees, the managing team have a big ambition and we are going through a high development,

                      Welcome to inquiry and we will provide you our professional service and quick sample and mass production at competitive price.

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                      National Service Hotline 0769-86435006
                      • E-mail:kevin@zhenrong.com.cn
                        Address:Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, Shima Village, Li Tong Industrial Zone on the 1st B Building

                        Contact Number:Kevin Zhou 13802277764
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