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                      Home > customer service > Service Process

                      1) Inquiry

                      After our sales received the inquiry and we will review and maybe some questions about the specification, like the technical drawing, material and which industry to be used etc;

                      2) Quotation

                      Evaluate it is feasible and then we will give customer the price according to the spefication customer provide;

                      3) Sampling

                      Customer approve the price and then pay the tooling/sample cost and then we go ahead for the sample;

                      4) Sample inepection

                      The QC will get the sample inspected, if it is ok and then go to the warehuse for dispatch;

                      5) Sample delivery

                      Customer provide the express account and we will dispatch the sampleat customr's account;

                      6) Mass production

                      We will go ahead for mass production after the customer approve the sample, mass production need to pay the 30% deposit;

                      7) Shipmet

                      We will arrange the shipment  after the inspection is ok as per customer's instruction and customer pay the balance payment;

                      8) Release the cargo

                      Confirm the receipt of the payment and we will release the cargo;

                      9) Shipment follow

                      Follow the customer to receive the cargo and the using status. 

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                      • E-mail:kevin@zhenrong.com.cn
                        Address:Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, Shima Village, Li Tong Industrial Zone on the 1st B Building

                        Contact Number:Kevin Zhou 13802277764
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